Testimonials from all our lovely customers. 

November 13 

Dear Jane

Many thanks for my blue 'petal' - I absolutely love it.


October 13
Thanks Leah ... Arrived the next day and she loves it! ... Best lisa

September 13
Dear Jane, I have just received my new bag.It has a beautifully unusual shape.The quality is as always, second to none.
Best Wishes June

August 13 
Just to let you know that my new bag arrived as announced and I have already been using it with great pride and it has been much admiredby those who saw it 
thanks again


August 13 

My bag has arrived safe and sound. It looks gorgeous!
Many thanks





August 13 

To confirm that I have received my bag which is absolutely gorgeous.  I'm
really pleased with my purchase and looking forward to taking it out on it's
first trip later this week ! Thank you very much for making it so quickly 


Best wishes Helen


August 13 
I have received it and am thrilled to bits with it - thank you very much. It is a lovely colour navy and just what I wanted.
Best wishes Maureen 

August 13 
Hi Jane, many thanks, new bag just arrived safely. I LOVE IT. Now spoiled for choice with my growing collection. Your quality and style are the best.
Regards Averil



August 13 
Janet wrote: "I have one of these brought in 1991 and still going strong! This is the perfect bag for travel - I take it all over the globe. Still looks fantastic due to the high quality leather"


Congratulations you really do have a wonderful collection.............I enjoy every one of my bags.

thank you

August 13
Thank you Leah. My husband has just brought it to me. I am off work with a chest infection and so it has cheered me up no end. I love it.  Thank you.


August 13
The handbag has arrived safely and I am delighted with it :) 




August 13
Fantastic! Thank you so much, my old faithful I bought from you 12 years ago could use a break, it has been wonderful as will it's replica I'm sure!


Best wishes,




July 13 From Meryl

I picked up my bag from the post office today and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. Thank you so much for making it so quickly for me and making a special order for me. I bought my first bag from you in Covent Garden in 1986 and I am still using and loving it! Like all things of quality you appreciate the design and craftsmanship more and more as you use it.

Have a good summer and I'll see you again next year!



June 13 From Nanice
The bag you sent me is beautiful.The workmanship is exquisite. Soft leather, beautiful colours, with an invisible zipper section which is an
asset for safeguarding items.
Thank you, I love my bag. Nanice

May 13 From Diane 

Its arrived safely. I now have the beautiful black bag as well as the lime grren one that I bought from you at Wisley.
I am delighted with both. Only the green has been out yet - I am enjoying it and it has been much admired.
Thanks again.
Best wishes from Diane 

May 13 From Jacqueline

Thanks so much for making the horse shoe bag for me- it arrived safely. It's so beautiful and I'm really enjoying using it every day, for every occasion. 
Very best regards,

May 13 From Simone
My sister brought the bag to Canterbury yesterday. Thank you very much for making up such as lovely bag for me. I am going to enjoy using it for years to come...
best regards,


May 13 From Jenny

Thank you I received my bag and immediately started to use.  I am thrilled with it, colour, shape, size etc all first class.
I have had complimentary comments already
kind regards

May 13 From Julia 

Thank you, the beautiful bag has arrived! Very efficient thank you,
Best wishes
April 13 From Pam 

Bag has just arrived!  I am really pleased with the bag and I'm sure I will get great pleasure from using it.  Your bags are just so stylish.


March 13 From Brenda

I was at the show on Sunday (with Susie Watson) and bought the tan Tamara - it is a joy to have such a lovely bag.
You may have converted someone who never had a bag to someone who is a collector.

Warm wishes,

March 13 From Chris 

Hi Jane!

I got up to find that Ray had signed for a box from you - so imagine my excitement - kids on Christmas morning?? 

It is beautiful, smells wonderfully of leather, and I love it to bits!  If I had to design a bag I don't think I could have come up with anything better or more perfect!

Thank you so much!  It has been a pleasure dealing with you and Emma - and your website is a delight too!  Whoever made the bag - your husband? - has done a fantastic job!!!  Give him a bonus!

I'm not promising, but if we get to your neck of the woods we will enjoy popping in in June/July!


Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!

January 13 From Lois

Hi Jane
Bag duly received. Just beautiful! and great that the handle is ajustable. Love it!
many thanks

December 12 From Susie 

Hi Jane,

Finally on the computer to let you know I picked up the bag today.  It is really nice!  Thank you so much.  I can't wait until some warmer spring weather to use it.  (Unfortunately, I have to give it to my husband to wrap up first, as it's my birthday present-- Dec. 26th.) Now that makes 5 bags.  I'm sure I'm not your top customer, but I must be up there!See you again at the next fair!  Have a merry Christmas,  Susie

December 12 from Claire 

I was lucky enough to discover Jane's wonderful collection of bags at Wisley recently.  The ladies were so helpful and patient whilst I went through the entire range (almost!) until I made my selection. There is undoubtedly a bag for every occasion - beautifully made, distinct and designed to reflect your personality! Handbag heaven.

December 12 from Mary

This is just an email to say thank you for making beautiful bags. I am a collector of beautiful bags and this bag is one of the very best I have ever seen anywhere. Never mind Mulberry etc, your bags surpass any of those by far. Also the fact they are Made in England is just great too. I will next year be contacting you directly for a bag. Thank you so much for your efforts

December 12 from Diane

Just to let you know the bag arrived safely....I'm delighted with it!
It is so beautifully made!
Best wishes

November 12 from Susan 

Many thanks for the new bag - received safe and sound

 Let's hope this one lasts 13 years as well!!


November 12  from Viv

 I've just received my handbag and thank you very much, it's beautiful.

 Viv King


November 12 from Virgina 

The bag arrived and I am now the happy owner of it.

Best wishes,


October 12 from Susan 

I collected my handbag from Auricula jewellery on Saturday as arranged.

Just to let you know I am delighted with it.

Kind regards

Susan Lader

August 12 from Jane 

My new handbag arrived last week, thank you it is absolutely gorgeous. I was introduced to you and your daughter last year by my friend Dinah at the Country Living Exhibition in Islington last November; we chatted again at the Hampton Court Flower Show and promised myself then one of your bags as a birthday present - and here it is! As your statement says it offered me, the customer, the opportunity to have "a beautiful hand crafted leather bag….." and it is all of those things - thank you once again.


August 12 from Wendy  

'Jane Hopkinson bags are delightfully seductive but entirely functional. Exquisitely coloured and expertly made, they survive the battering of daily use and retain their shape and good temper. Seriously addictive, you will want – no need, more than one to meet the diverse demands of modern life.'


August 13 from Celia 

My lovely taupe plaited satchel arrived safely. I am delighted with it and it is already in service and does indeed hold a paperback book as well as everything else I need. Thank you for your patience with my indecision.

Celia Jones
July 12 from Lucy 
Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous bag! I have only just received it today and am so pleased; it is even better than I had envisaged.
Many thanks

July 12 from Gill 

Thank you so much for my lovely bag! I adore it! I picked it up from Royal Mail today as I 
was out when they delivered it.

 Thanks again - your bags are truly beautiful!



June 12 from Meryl

I collected the bag today and am really pleased with how it's turned out. There was such a gorgeous smell of leather as I unwrapped the parcel!

Thank you very much for sending it so quickly.


 Best wishes,
May 12 from Julie

Just to say a big thank you for bag ... it's beautiful.  I shall do my best to get a good photograph of it at the wedding !
May 12 from Jose' - Anne 
My handbag arrived on Friday and I must say it is absolutely stunning, it will not be the last one in my collection
thank you


May 12 from Deanna 

A most lovely bag arrived today - so many thanks - it's gorgeous!

I'll order others in future since you won't be at the Newmarket Art & Craft Fair -

Again, thank you very much for the bag.

Very warm regards,



April 12 from Bee

The bags arrived. Thank you , they are fantastic. Keep me informed of
any show that you are doing. Thanks again


March 12 from Julia 

Thank you for your e-mail. Just to let you know the Bulb bag has arrived safely and it is fab!

I will look forward to using it and to purchasing from you again in the future.
Kind Regards,


February 12 from Debbie 

Just to say that I have received my bag and I am thrilled with it. Perfect size, the leather is gorgeous and it has been in constant use since I
received it.
Thanks again.

Best wishes,


February 12 from Ann 

The lovely bag has arrived, and is already in use! Lovely.



February 12 from Lynn 

I am delighted to receive my handbag returned so promptly and with the repair/replacement fastner done, what excellent service!
I shall now continue to use the handbag and enjoy doing so, I love the shape and for a small bag have discovered I can carry essentials 
perfectly well.

with my appreciation & thanks